Cooling System

Accu-Tech RC Hardware Prop Blast Water Pickup Aluminum water outlet
Accu-Tech RC Hardware Prop Blast Water PickupAluminum Water Outlet

Our Prop Blast is designed to work with the water coming off the prop in conjunction with the SLINGSHOT (Part # TR-100).  This eliminates drag and has been proven to give the boater more miles per hour. 

Aluminum Water Outlet fitting for running the water line through the hull of the boat.



Brass Water Fitting Autobailer
Brass Water FittingAutobailer

Brass Water Fitting for connecting the water line to the engine and other hardware.

The Autobailer helps remove excess water from the inside of boat, a check ball keeps water from entering.



Bulkhead fitting Water Line
Bulkhead fittingWater Line Tubing

Bulkhead fittings are used where you want to pass water line through the hull and attach the line to the other side of the fitting.

Water Line tubing for rc boats standard size non kink Silicone material.  Any length available.