Hotpipe for Redline Quickdraw Hotpipes
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Headers for the Redline Quickdraw Hot pipe 90 deg, 90 deg whiplash, 100 deg, 106 deg.

This pipe is designed with a huge tapered head pipe. This gives big gains at mid range and top end. It also incorporates a flex joint where the head pipe meets the main body. This joint virtually eliminates pipe cracking. This allows us to make the main body out of very light gauge material and this keeps the weight of the pipe under 12 ounces. (This is very light for a steel pipe; by comparison aluminum pipes usually come in around 8 ounces. We don't make aluminum pipes because I have never seen one to equal the power of a steel pipe. The resonant pulse waves get absorbed by the softer aluminum.) This pipe is available in either 90, 100, and 106 degrees. wrap to center (WTC) or deep vee. All these pipes perform identically, there is no loss or change in performance between the different routing configurations. In the photographs, note the head pipe. You can see the taper in it and also note the coupling that the flex slips into. It has inner and outer walls, it is the same way on the body of the pipe. This keeps exhaust leakage around the flex to an absolute minimum.

  • Item #: RLPM head
  • Manufacturer: Redline Performance Motors
  • Condition: New

Header for Redline Quickdraw Hot Pipe

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