RCMK S-520 In-Line Mid Mod Motor
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This new twin cylinder engine is going to go places like no other twin before it. Reasonably priced twin power that is hard to match. With 10 hp and 4 ft.lbs. of torque a single one of these will be able to power even 72" boats to incredible speeds. It looks like RCMK did their homework designing these. Based on the proven EVO engines and a revolutionary coupling design allows the engine to be very compact. If you were looking for a serious powerplant your search is over. These are only 8 1/4" long Fits 5" rails.

  • Item #: RLPM S520
  • Manufacturer: RCMK
  • Condition: New

RCMK S-520 In-Line Mid Mod Motor

Price: $995.00
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