Thunderbolt Inboard Muffler
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T-Mod Racing stinger mufflers are made  using 6061-T6 thin-wall alloy tubing and 6061 end plates. The screws, cotter pin, and clamp are stainless steel. The circlips on the end keep it all together. The cuts on the tubes and end plates are lathe-finished. Includes 7 in. of coated stainless steel safety wire and a crimp connector. Straight-thru design to minimize power loss. The Cheater size is 1-1/4" diameter and 2" long.  Inside DIA  1/2 to fit QD and other steel pipes.

  • Item #: RLPM TBM
  • Manufacturer: Mike Tyson
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: RLPM TMOBC
  • Condition: New

T-Mod Thunderbolt / Inboard Cheater Muffler

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