Hitec Servo HS-5765MH Hitec HS-755MG
Hitec HS-5765MH HV Digital Metal Gear Giant ServoHitec HS-755MG Metal Gear Giant Scale Servo

When it comes to your big RC projects, size does matter - that’s why Hitec engineered the HS-5765MH.

This is the HS-755MG Quarter Scale Metal Geared
Dual Ball Bearing Servo from Hitec.



Hitec 7955TG Coreless Digital Throttle Servo Hitec HS-805BB Mega Giant Scale Servo
Hitec HS-7955TG High Torque Titanium Gear Coreless ServoHitec HS-805BB Mega Giant Scale Servo

The Hitec HS-7955TG servo has been designed for the most demanding hobby applications including the largest boats, aircraft and monster trucks.

Known as the “monster” servo the HS-805BB uses a heavy duty nylon gear train and a strong 10mm, 15 tooth output shaft to generate 343in./oz. of torque that will easily move just about any large plane, car, truck or boat! This servo is...